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I was originally just going for Xenons but the salesman convinced me the relatively small additional cost of the Visibility Pack would be worth it. So glad I did, the adaptive lights are fantastic!

Had to make a hurried trip from North Yorkshire back to the south coast down the A1/M11/M25/M23 late at night in the driving rain. The adaptive lights really came into their own in what were dreadful driving conditions. The way they dynamically pick up the nearside verge plus the central reservation or offside verge giving you extra illumination without dazzling traffic in front or cars coming the other way is very clever - it's a great active safety feature. Not at all distracting and you quickly become accustomed to the superior visibility at night.

As to the high beam assist, it's really quick to react and I've not been flashed at all by oncoming traffic. If I was ordering another F30 today the Visibility Pack would be a 'must have'.
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