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Originally Posted by fshubert View Post
Nothing against the Audi. Nothing against a Yugo. There's a ride for everybody. I looked at Audi before. Not even close. Everyone on this "F30 POST" is here for a reason....most because they have a BMW. Otherwise, those who love Audi can find an Audi site to adore.
The S-Line is only a trim that is comparable to that of M-Sport and is no more purposeful than the ladder other than aesthetics. I smirk at the immaturity of Audi hate on this forum...but alas it's a BMW forum. Hey, I own an F30 M-Sport but I'm not a hater. I prefer the drivability of BMWs overall but, being subjective for a bit here, I believe that the design DNA has really been inconsistent and sometimes just downright F20's anyone? Considering the F30 got bigger, softer, and quieter, they did a good job with the front end design language (outside of the pegasus wings LED backsides that they all share) and I hope it trickles back to the other series as well. Perhaps through LCI's shortly.

Whatever the case, there is a reason BMW is sending thousands of their cars from europe to china and US...they can't sell them there. I go to europe often and drive through most of europe and the road is indeed dominated by Audi's in all shapes and sizes. There's a reason they eat those cars up despite the weaker powerplants and less intuitive's simply a sign of the times...People are moving on.

Remember when GenX guys, like me, coveted BMW's in the 80's only because they didn't want to be like their rich older Uncle or Dad driving Lexus's and Benzo's? They wanted to find their own way when they became successful themselves and that's really what built the BMW brand in america. Those GenXr's are loyal and still buying the BMW's...and they're older, which means BMW's are getting bigger and more comfortable for them and trying to sustain new blood for the younger market with cars like the 1 series. Too bad America, China, and The Middle East are some of the most Brand Snob countries in the world. Audi is the new response to the changing culture. They are marketed better, looks more prestigious on the road and are the godfathers of the cheesy, but eye-catching, fad of LED running lights. Ugh. Can you count how many other brand names are copying? Take a run over to the middle east and the ones who can afford these cars are not itching for BMW's, I can tell you that...Audi's are the prize there, for the most part, outside of supercars.

When I see a new 5 drive by a new A6 I can't help but feel the 5 looks a little cheap next to the fanciness of the Audi. The shape may be boring but its more than just the sum of its parts. I still drive my A3 daily and enjoy the heck out of it. It still holds its looks, has decent mileage, is quick, and utilitarian to boot. I wish I waited a bit in the past for the S-Line and all the shiny black bits, and what not, but I'm more than happy with it as is. Yes, Audi's are not, generally, as dynamically fun to drive and yes, for some, Audi's are simply like Indie Hipster cars to them and are too bias to just be a car enthusiast and see what is happening...that is fine. I, for one, enjoy the heck out of both brands.
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