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Originally Posted by chrisny View Post
Audi and BMW, and every model they make, are as equally matched as any two car makers. Their products are VERY similar, despite the cool-aid drinking fanboy rants that happen on here. Style is subjective, but even that isn't as night and day as some like to think. I've had several of each, more BMW's than Audi's and if I ever had to pick one to stick with, I'd pick BMW. But I'm thankful that I do not have to, and that these two great car companies compete every day to give us great cars and great alternatives to each other.

Sorry, but anyone that really thinks either is miles ahead of they other is either delusional or just doesn't know cars as well as they want to think they do. The confusion in this thread and lack of understanding of the difference between an S car and an S-line, and which Audi's compete with which BMW's just shows how little some know about either brand and their products.
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