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What you say is only close to being true in this latest generation, not historically. What 3 series compares to a 2005 S4? 340bhp, 4.2l V8? Nothing. Back then, the 3.2 Quattro was the direct comparison to the top end 6 pots of the 3 series. In the same generation, the RS4 had 420bhp and a blown 4.2l V8. The S6 from the same generation had a 5.2l V8 with 435bhp and the RS6 that followed had a 5.0l V10 with 580bhp. The top end 5 series from the same generation had a 5.0l V8 with 360bhp and the M5 came out with the 5.0l V10 and 510bhp. Again, the RS versions and M cars compare and compete but the S cars never had a direct competitor.

Traditionally, the S cars from Audi have sat between the top end standard BMWs and the M cars and BMW have not had a direct competitor. This is still the case today except BMW have bridged the gap a little a the top end of their standard cars. The 335i is closer to the S4 than any previous 3 series has ever been in the same way that the 550i is closer to the S6 than any previous generation but this has only just become the case.
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