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Originally Posted by martinf79 View Post
SHAWN ... YOU ARE A ROCK STAR! So helpful! Thank you!

Successfully programmed:

Diasbled DVD in Motion
Legal Disclaimer on Start-Up
Comfort Access Mirror Control
Close mirrors/windows via keyfob + handle
Enabled windows to be rolled up even if a door was open
Auto Unlock when car is switched off

Only other question.

Do we know whether its possible ti disable the auto car in "park" if the door is opened while it is moving? Not knowing that the car had this feature, I was parking and opened the door slightly to see where the curb was (didn't want to scratch my rim) and the car put itself in park automatically. I get that this is a safetly feature, but hoping I can diable it. Any thoughts?
I should add that I also disabled the audible seatbelt warning - just couldn't handle the constant chime on a 15 second drive from the mailbox to the house ...

And best of all ... disabled the front amber marker lights from coming on at night (so lights look the way they do in Europe and the rest of the world). Those amber lights just ruin the look of the car at night. Soooo much better.... blinkers obviously work fine ....

... Soooo much happier now. Car does exactly what I want it to now ...

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