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Deal (almost) done here in OK...

Originally Posted by azzurro View Post
if you're in Southern California I just spoke to a fleet manager in Los Angeles that has lots of cars and is doing $500 over invoice on 3 Series. If you have USAA that puts you at $1,000 below. I don't know about posting this here so just send me a PM.
Hi Everyone! I'm a Newbie to the Forums, and a proud first-time BMW owner... Well, when it gets here this week (I hope). 2013 ALPINE WHITE 328i M-SPORT w/ Premium, Technology, Harman Kardon, etc.....

I got a similar deal as above here in Oklahoma. I've never paid over invoice for ANY car before (and I buy a new car every 3 years). However, this isn't just ANY car!!! RIGHT? So I was willing to pay a little more.

I ended up having to pay a Doc Fee ($199), but I was planning on paying up to $1000 over invoice, so the deal still worked out in my favor. In addition, I didn't have to pay anything for them trailering the car from another state. (Only 2 states within 500 miles had the car with the specs I wanted.) Also got the $1500 USAA discount on top of all that. WOOHOO! About that "Training Fee"... For some of you looking at other sites for "Invoice". Add the $180 Training Fee to that for what most dealers call "Invoice".

I've been following this forum for several months and I feel blessed to be among some very intellegent, well informed Bimmer owners! I learned a TON from this forum before I decided exactly what I wanted and the right questions to ask. You guys ROCK!!

I can't wait to update my stats with a pic of my new BMW!