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Originally Posted by GiorgioIr View Post
I dig the ideas and the models, but those pics you posted make BMWs look like Toyotas (hatch looks like the new toyota 86) and other jap cars. IMO BMW and other German cars have their own German identity in the design, this is why I love BMW in the first place, especially when that German design is accompanied by an excellent German engineering and a powerfull engine.
Recently, despite the similarities between models, I would still go with BMW as a next car. the f10 m5 is making a killing, the f30 m3 and m4 should be superb, i dig the x6 and the x5 especially M versions.
Thanks for the reply!

The hatcback render is based on the GT86, so that is the reason it looks like a Toyota. It basically is. (I found it on the internet a long time ago and liked the concept)
BMW would of course have more of Z3/Z4 Coupe design.

The Z5 render I found probably have some more japanese line due to its potential collaboration with Toyota.
Personally I don't mind, as long as it looks good, and looks like a BMW in the front.

Im not sure about the Z1 since the new MX5 and Alfa spider will launch around 2015. Those two cars will probably take much of that market.
But if they already have most parts on the Z2 it might not be that expensive to make and up-market sporty lightweight 2 seater.
In general i think BMW needs some proper lighter sports cars. Getting back to some of the E30 roots. With the introduction of 3-cylinder engines and the focus on lower emissions lightweight cars is the way to go. And its a great way to make good sport cars.
BMW already have enough of the big heavy high HP cars..

If they managed to make electric steering with good feedback it would be great. But it seems it has gotten worse for every generation lately..
Porsches and M-cars have had good and sensitive hydraulic steering for ages, and high speed have not been a problem.
Just give me more steering feel and I would be happy no matter how they do it. Just don't sharpen up the weight of the wheel without adding steering feel. Heavy resistance does not equal sporty steering feel, its just heavier...
What is considered very good feeback from an electric system is what I consider mediocre. I should be satisfied in an "ultimate driving machine".

Originally Posted by GiorgioIr View Post
*LSDs arent supposed to go on non M cars. this is the way BMW is ever since they built the e36. Its part of their marketing scheme to increase the performance value of the m cars. for ex: BMW: "In this non m, its hard to drift since you got no lsd and no big deal of power, but however, with the M3, you got power AND an LSD which makes the drifting as easy as pie" -> customer "Oh ill go with m3"
I think that stopping with LSDs after the E36 was a big mistake. LSDs worked great on all low powered cars back then. E36 318is etc and generally all cars.
You don't need 300+hp to enjoy an LSD. You only need wet pavement or snow to highly benefit from it! E-diff is just not the same... Not in a premium ultimate driving machine. It should offer the real deal.
In several EU countries high HP taxes, high CO2 emission taxes, displacement taxes etc can make cars expensive.. M5 costs 270.000 EURO+++ in Norway due to HP and CO2. Only affordable new for the extremly rich. (some countries are worse than other. My example is from Norway, one of the worse)

Not having and LSD in a non M model is like admitting that it is better for performance and driving experince. "But we will make our cheaper models less good. So that people will buy the most expensive cars" Thing is, customers who cant afford M-cars can easily be lost that way...
BMW is the ultimate driving machine. That message should go through the whole line-up in my opinion.. Not just the M-cars.
Yes, they would loose some sales on M-cars. But, they would gain many more sales on non M-cars. Both from new customers from other brands and also by keeping customers. (They lost me twice. Or once, I bought a Cooper S the second time) They would also make profit on the LSD. And they would keep their sporty brand strong.
Lots if reasons to have it as an option for those who are willing to pay for it.

Adding say a TorSen LSD as an option to the non-M cars would still differentiate those models from the M cars since they have a more sophisticated LSD...