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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
I posted quite a while ago that when I drove the 335i with a manual I was totally underwhelmed and thought I'd left the handbrake on!

Lacks torque, the power delivery is too artificially linear for a blown engine, or at least for my tastes and it didn't sound particularly exciting either.

The 30D, on the other hand, "feels" much quicker at any speed in any gear and even sounds better - it has a much more gruff and purposeful engine note to it

DaveyC - I know you think you'll miss the sound of the gorgeous BMW 6-pot but you'd miss it on the 335i now anyway because it's blown and not NA. The character's all gone Have a gander at YouTube for F30 335i and 330D vids and listen to the sounds yourself.

Oh, and don't bother listening to all the exhaust note vids because it's a trick sports exhaust and it doesn't sound like that in the car on earth does a 330d sounds better than 335i??
Not saying the 330d sounds bad...but really

Would also say they are very torquey....
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