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Originally Posted by Lucky13 View Post
I think the reliabity reports from Consumer reports are very accurate. If you subscribe to the magazine or on line they send you a questionaire about your cars every year which I usually fill out. I don't follow their overall reviews on cars because they are biased away from sports oriented vehicles. I would contend they are much more accurate about reliability than this forum because this forum is geared towards BMW enthusiasts or people that have an issue that went on line and were directed to the site because it matched an issue they have.
Not tryin' to argue but I disagree a little. I don't think having issues with windshield wipers, ASS, having the car go limp, steering vibration, brake squeal are only things that only enthusiasts notice. Come to think of it, I actually think enthusiasts are more forgiving of little problems. In my experience, it's the nonenthusiasts that point out all the creaks and noises of my BMW.. as they're more inclined to use Lexus as the bar of smoothness and reliability. (Although I rather take creaks over a stuck accelerator pedal any day).

Personally, I think the CR reliability thing is funny because a car's reliability score shouldn't be measured in less than a year of it's new generation. However, my wife thinks it's funny because our brakes squeal like a banshee, our exhaust flap screeches louder than Gilbert Gotftried, and ASS just decided to put the car in Park at a stoplight yesterday. Most nonethusiasts say the same thing... "If you pay $50k+ for a LUXURY Sedan, it should be damn perfect." Whereas I tend to think, "It's a $50k+ SPORTS Sedan. For little problems I can just take it in to the dealer for a fix. Not that big of a deal."