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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
Inside the car, yeah. The 30D is more bassy, more purposeful and a bit more manly. It's not as clear cut as it used to be. Modern DI turbo petrol engines sound like diesels at tick over due to the high pressure fuel pumps ticking away, the exhaust note is destroyed by the turbines in the turbo and then artificially reproduced using trick exhausts and so there's bugger all in it. Inside the cabin, where you can't hear the trick exhaust, it just sounds a bit lame unless you rev the tits off it and yes, it has a nice induction note above 5000rpm but that's a lot of money to pay for a nice noise in fuel alone

In "normal" driving, the modern 30D is quicker, meaner and sounds better than the 35i. It's just a sign of the times

In full reheat attack mode the 35i is quicker, meaner and sounds better but that's like 1% of time spent in the car

Oh, and as for the torque ... it all depends on what you're used to. I had this same conversation with all the uber-defensive 35i driving yanks who think they're driving a Porsche but all I've ever said is that I felt the 335i lacked torque. I got from my MPS into the 335i and thought I had the handbrake on. Yes, mine's modified and yes, mine has a more lumpy torque curve and the 335i has been weirdly designed to not feel blown but I felt it lacked punch and lacked character. I expected more from a turbocharged 3.0l six-pot. Just my experience innit Now the 30D... that baby feels quick all the time
My findings also, the 330D feels quick "anywhere in the rev range" the 335i saloon I test drove was "Flat" till it was above 5/6K RPM, no torque as such. Here in the UK for me anyway the diesel excels well beyond the 335i all day long.
Test driving the new M6 convertible tomorrow got it for the day.
If interested I will give a bit of info.
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