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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
My F11 is no way sounding like a diesel on start up, there is hardy any DI sound at all from the engine. It is much more refined on start up that any diesel, and once warm no comparison in any way to any N57 diesel I've driven.

Both my son and I drive BMW 3.0d engines (single and bi-turbo) and when I took my son out in the F11, from start up he was saying "now this is what a BMW engine should be like". It is the near silence, the refinement, vibration free running throughout the rev range.

Now I totally go along with the diesel engine performance feel, been there, driven loads of them. The 330d/530d have a good engine, I don't think anyone will dispute that fact. The 335i/535i engine delivery is not a 'second best' IMO, 'different' as I've said before, but with years of BMW driving it is one of the best BMW engines I've ever driven, (we are not comparing M-cars here) and oozes BMW refinement. But I've been spoiled with a BMW 4.4 V8, that may partly explain why a petrol has more appeal to me, even with the excellent BMW diesel engines.

See where you are coming from with the Petrol engined BMW's, Petrol power is super smooth in the delivery and linear. Having the M3 which needed revs to go and then having the 550i M Sport F10 Saloon,the torque difference was immense, the 550i was almost diesel like in it's laded back delivery, two petrol cars but powered in different ways. I must be getting old but I just love the feel off torque, effortless grunt is my thing.
BUT I still may just buy the new M3 when it comes.
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