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Originally Posted by johnbmw6 View Post
I must be getting old but I just love the feel off torque, effortless grunt is my thing.
Seems I'm having a 'last dash' at the petrol.

I am in a position to choose the engine type, no tax implications, low mileage and additional petrol costs not a big deal in the larger picture.

I was going for a 530d when I first looked at the 5-series, but once driving the 535i was bitten. There is definitely no lack in 'real' performance, compared to the diesel, just different in how we extract it.

If my situation was different and I was driving higher miles, the diesel would be on the cards. Makes total sense, even if there is a bit of compromise. We then look at the virtues of what we have... 'torque' then has a special place.

To be honest, I don't expect many to choose a 335i these days. For many that would be financial suicide, even if they desired the petrol.

IMO, cost has a lot to do with our purchase decisions, and these days 'revs' cost money. Even if they feel good.