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Originally Posted by 328inGE
i agree with keeping for winter as one option, but you could also consider selling 3 of the wheels and keeping one as a back-up. you could probably make more selling the 3 wheels individually than as a whole set so you may end up with the back up wheel for little cost.

i also think the longer you hold on to the wheels the less they will be worth (i.e, the more 3 series that are sold, the more the style 397 wheels be available for sell on the market)

just my .02
Thanks for the suggestion. You make a good point, even now the 397 set is a hard sale and I'm not even asking as much as I've seen in the classifieds forum! I think the idea of getting winters and keeping a spare set of the all season tires to use is a good idea, but am I wrong to say that all seasons on the xDrive are not sufficient for the 4-5 days of bad snow? I'm already annoyed that I have 4 huge F30 wheels in my basement-- they are heavy as hell to lug around. Im thinking just keep them unless i can make some good profit off them. Which is doubtful.

Knowing my luck I'll make a deal w/ someone for the set and later this winter I'll end up needing a spare.