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Ok, had time this morning to take measurements. Now with the adaptive suspension i have would mean i already sit 10mm lower all round than the standard suspension cars.
the measurement is done from the bottom edge of the wheel rim passing through the center of the rim (where the bmw logo is) and up to the edge of the body wheel arch of the car.

I get: Both front heights are 610mm (identical)
Passenger rear (rear left of the car as looked from rear) 600mm
Driver rear (rear right) 590mm

Going to have a chat with another dealership, the guys I saw yesterday seemed annoyed that I even asked them to measure it, they were so pissed off just by me mentioning the heights. They were trying to tell me that the RHD models here in Australia are right side heavy and cause the car to lean and should just accept the car for the beautiful thing it is.
Am i getting bullshitted here? I'm not a mechanic but it sounded like bullshit.

J1N what heights do you have? if you could please measure it.