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Originally Posted by Mstoner92 View Post
I have a 2013 mustang as well as my 2011 328 CIC. The render above looks nothing at all like a mustang. Mustangs have a very small rear windows on the side, since the doors are much longer. Also, the overhangs on a mustang are much bigger front and rear, the grille is much taller, the hood looks like the superdome and the roofline is much different. Oh, and the headlights are perfect rectangles that angle backwards towards the rear of the fron quarter panels.

So by my count, thats different from the render in almost every single way. Ill have to take some pictures of my mustang for comparison.
I think they're getting that from the apparent "fastback" look indemic to the Mustangs. I think the car will probably be a real winner though. With the headlights blocked and the crazy camo it really is hard to make out the finer points of the car's appearance (that's the point right?).