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In my 335i Msport, my steering has developed a light "thunk" when turning left.
I feel it every time in parking lots as I turn the wheel left.
The thunk is in the same spot. Start with hands in normal 10 and 2 position, as I turn left when my right hand gets to around the 10 o'clock position, I feel the thunk.

There is also a thunk when doing the same to the right, but it's still very light and is not there most of the time.
This issue wasn't there when new, and has recently developed after 1800 miles on my 335i.

What I do have from day one, is the "thunk" sound made when my engine is off and I turn the steering wheel lightly left to right. As I do that there is a distinct "thunk/clunk" sound and feel. I reported it to service and they looked at it, and of course they said it was "normal" nothing to worry about.
Since it only happened when the engine is turned off I decided not to push the issue.
I knew something would progress though, and it has.
I'm setting up a service visit for next week.
A "thunk" felt in the steering wheel is NOT normal no matter how they want to say or present it. IT doesn't feel normal at all. It feels like something is broken and a BMW simply shouldn't have steering that feels like this.

Seems the F30 has some little issues with the new steering and suspension setup/parts.
I'm fine with it, as long as BMW fixes it. I just don't want to be told, "It's NORMAL" and then nothing gets done.