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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
Agreed, which is why I was trying to find a base F30 and negotiate on a house, buying a car is about getting something with "good bones", ie the N55.

-Suspension: M Perf Suspension is $1089 at Steve Thomas BMW, installed probably $1500 total; interview with German dude about M parts said this was more performance oriented than the M Sport line.
-Brakes: M Perf Brakes are about $2100 from BMW dealer in MD, installed, $2500; same size/dimensions as potentially the next gen M3 brakes, so another one up there.
-Seats: that's where it's lacking, I do wish I had more bolsters, but I'm not tracking this thing, so...didn't matter to me.

I think the 335i [M Sport or one with above accessories] competes with an S4, which I considered heavily when looking at cars. But I saved nearly $15,000 getting a base 335i. After investing $4k for brakes and suspension (listed above) AND spending $2k on a Dinan/PPK tune, I'll be stomping on S4's and possibly RS4's...
Smart man. Those labor costs you are getting quoted are pretty awesome. They are so expensive out here that I end up doing all the wrenching myself. I need a garage with a hydraulic lift.