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Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
I think you need to learn the letter R, as in RS.

Are you saying Audi can't figure out how to add horsepower to their cars, so they can only get an S4 up to 320hp and therefore have no choice to compete with the 335i?

Yeah, it's hilarious.

S-line is not a trim level. You can buy a A4 S-line. It has more power. The S4 and the S-line are not the same thing. S-line is like Audi's version of a M sport package, except that it actually adds power.

See....not a A4 S-line

F30ftw comes on here shitting on another brand's car and doesn't even know what the hell he's talking about. Oh right, it's the internet.

the s-line definitely doesnt add power. i have a 2010 A4. and it just adds like black headliner and 19" rims and a few other things