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Custom building a 328i M Sport

Hello fellas, thought I'd introduce myself to the OZ community formally and bring over my thread from the general section as well.

I've had my first Bimmer since 2009 and after going for a drive with a friend in his Golf R, i suddenly "realised" that my 325Ci just wasn't going to give me the kind of the thrill I suddenly crave... hence I've decided to get the 328i (335i is just too much burden on the finances).

I have until next Thursday to make up my mind about what to spec and I would like all your input with the options (damn BMW, so many tempting choices).

Original post as follows:

Originally Posted by screenshot View Post
Hi all, I have just joined this forum and this is my first post. Looks a like great community with a lot of like minded Bimmer lovers.

Just put down a deposit on a 328i M Sport with my local dealer having agreed to a set of specs and a very good price. I have about a month to change my mind on specifications as I've deliberately held off the order so my car can be a 2013 build car.

I really need help in deciding what options will be popular with future buyers when it comes to sell the car in 3-4 years time. Here are the options which I categorise as MUST HAVES:
  • M Sport package
  • Bi-Xenon lights with washers
  • Dakota Beige interior and Wood trim
  • Sunroof
Can't make up my mind about these OPTIONS:
  • Estoril Blue or Sapphire Black?? Do you find that the M Sport body kit looks more striking in the blue but in black it sort of just "blends in" with it all
  • Heads Up Display (Included in sale price valued over $1500)
  • Comfort Access pack - keyless entry and auto boot opening (included in sale price valued at $850)
  • Upgrade to Prof Nav - this option costs about $1077 here in Australia. From what i've seen around this forum, it looks pretty amazing and makes the standard Nav look mundane and backward
  • Adaptive M Suspension $1077 - Not that many have ticked this box but those who have all seem to swear by it
  • Extended connectivity BT/USB + Voice recog $385
  • Digital Radio $385 - I listen to a lot of radio but I'm afraid the future M Sport buyer won't care much for radio?
  • M Sport Brakes $1077
Out of these undecided Options, I have a budget of $3000 to choose any combination of the above.

QUESTION: in the context that this is a 328i M Sport with Beige interior, if you were an interested buyer of this vehicle that also featured all of the MUST HAVES, what combination of OPTIONS up to $3000 would tickle your fancy and make you want to buy THIS car over others?? In other words, how would you spend the $3000 if you were to only choose from the OPTIONS list above?

Any suggestions welcome