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Originally Posted by David328M-Sport View Post
Welcome aboard. Also come talk to us in the Australian section, if you haven't done so already.

Must Have:
M-Sport package. I waited 7, yes SEVEN months for mine. Hard and at times I thought the car would never be built, but once I took delivery of my 328i, all was forgiven. A BIG YES to that one.

Bi-Xenons. Just for the best looking DRLs on the road anywhere in the world!!! My 328i is the first with Bi-X for me. Well, call me a little strange, but I'm not as excited about them as some are. Maybe because so many of Melbourne's roads are very well lit. Still YES to this option.

Beige interior. Personal choice here. I have an all black interior and I LOVE it. I had the same in my just sold E90. Your choice for this option.

Sunroof. My 328i is my 4th BMW. I have had sunroofs in each of them. I enjoy the sunroof and make use of it whenever possible. YES to this one. Here in Aus, it is kind of expected in this type of car.

Undecided Options:
EB or SB. For you it has to be SB as I want to be the only one in Melbourne with EB!!!!! LOLOL. Well that was true for about 5 minutes a few weeks ago. Seriously, EB is stunning and I've seen the M-Sport in
of course EB:
Hope these help

I have the HUD and if you use the navigation, it is well worth the cost. Otherwise it pretty much displays digital speed full time, with alert pop ups along the way. If you like to change radio stations frequently or are on the hands free phone often, then yes, the HUD works well for your driving comfort. I would like to see the indicator arrows & even the fun to watch instantaneous fuel consumption on the HUD. Probably a few other bits of info along the way.
YES to the HUD.

Comfort Access:
I deliberately opted out of this one. I could have ordered one 7 years ago for the E90, but I don't have a problem pressing 2 buttons on the key fob. Some people are having small positioning issues with the kick open boot release. Happy choosing no to this one again.

Professional Nav:
If you are waiting for a 2013 build date, then from now, there is an upgrade to the Nav. Then it is an absolute YES to Pro Nav for you. Also, you answered the question/decision yourself.

Adaptive M-Suspension:
If you are going to take lots of country driving trips, then maybe yes. If you are staying in town, the M-Sport suspension, which is part of the M-Sport package, is just fine. If you drive very fast and take corners like an F1 driver, then probably yes. Not a major issue for me. I'm sure it's a great option to tick if you have unlimited funds. Besides, you can always upgrade the suspension with an after market one later on.

Extended connectivity & USB:
If you like to listen to music on your smartphone & upload from USB, then YES. Probably would rank as option choice 1 after M-Sport package.

DAB+ Radio:
Forget what a future M-Sport buyer would like. It's what you want now and for as long as YOU own the car. If you like DAB+ radio - you can access all of the stations here: then yes for the variety over the limited choices via AM & FM. I like NovaNation & Edge Digital. The (music) sound quality from DAB on my hk isn't as good as I expected, but the genre choices are wide & varied. If you are an AM listener, then the DAB option would be worthwhile. Nonetheless, it was a very big YES for me.

M-Sport Brakes:
The standard brakes are brilliant for me for the time being. Maybe M-Performance brakes later if anything. Probably other priorities for you with limited option budget.

Answer to Question B:
With all due respect to you, do not bother yourself about what other people want in a few years time when you are buying the car for yourself NOW! When it comes time to sell your car, they will look at the age, price, how many kms you have travelled and how well it has been looked after. They won't care terribly much if it has this or that option as it is a second hand car. They cannot choose the options. If they could, they would buy a new one.

I just sold my 325i E90. It was sold very quickly (within 2 weeks of listing it on not because of the options it had - and I pushed those in my sals pitch - but because it was priced right, had very low kms on it, was looked after and drove perfectly.

We all have different option priorities, even when buying an M-Sport 3 Series. Pretty much all of the options are useful in one way or another. What suits you and your driving lifestyle/requirements?

Hope this long post helps you decide. See you in the Aussie section.
First of all, cheers David for the most detailed and elaborate response to my question so far on this forum. Thanks a lot and what a great way to get acquainted with the local BimmerPost community! Certainly made me feel very welcome indeed. Hopefully one day, I will make some of your acquaintance in person too.

Yeah the M Sport package was a no-brainer for me this time; having driven a non-M Sport for the last 3.5 years, I have come to the conclusion that a bimmer just isn't quite 100% without this upgrade. Bi-Xenon were another no-brainer.

As much as I like to just build a car purely for MY specific needs, I still try to maintain some meek resemblance of financial responsibility by at least building a car that could achieve good resale.

David you've summed up the choices very nicely. Can you elaborate a little more on the Pro Nav and why you believe it is a MUST have even though the 328i comes with Business Nav as standard. Is the Pro Nav mind blowingly better?

I do listen to a lot of AM radio actually, and hate how the analogue signal goes haywire every time i'm in a multi-story carpark or near a tram track! I am not a music buff but I recognise that the most people are into it and probably would come to expect good connectivity with the smart phone of their choice. I'm here to confirm my suspicions but surprisingly, not a lot of people have listed this as top priority.

Ah the Adaptive Suspensions. Yes I do like my corners fast and would like to cut through them with poise and dignity whilst going much faster than what's regarded as appropriate cornering speed. I was hoping the Adjustable suspension would have a noticeable affect even in suburban driving conditions? I was also hoping that in COMFORT mode whilst going over our constantly deteriorating roads, the Adaptive M would make the car feel more "luxurious"?