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Heads Up Display (Included in sale price valued over $1500)
I don't have it in mine, but I don't *think* terribly miss it, with the navigation it comes up in my extended instrument cluster in the dash screen I have under my speedo (included in Prof Nav), which suffices for me for the odd occasion I do use the GPS- my father's X3 has it and I find it indispensable in that car, as the ride is higher, but in the 3 series, you seem to be lower and the line of vision of the dash... If you have the spare cash go for it - however it wasn't a deal breaker for me personally.
Comfort Access pack - keyless entry and auto boot opening (included in sale price valued at $850)

I have this, I find it handy. I use the boot opening quite regularly now, its not that hard to master once you work it out. I like the fact I can touch the handle to open and close my car. I would get it again if I were to re-order.
Upgrade to Prof Nav - this option costs about $1077 here in Australia. From what i've seen around this forum, it looks pretty amazing and makes the standard Nav look mundane and backward The screen real estate it handy, I have the left 2/3 for Nav, and the right 1/3 for the Radio details (the song name etc) and it also gives you the "Instrument cluster with extended contents: described above as well.

Dave are you sure that the new navigation is coming to Australia? I haven't been able to find anything anywhere to confirm its coming to Australia. If not getting HUD, maybe get this?
Adaptive M Suspension $1077 - Not that many have ticked this box but those who have all seem to swear by it
I have the standard suspension, but everywhere I've read says its amazing. I would probably have ticked this box if I were to re-order now, but I'm not sure on the improvement between my standard suspension and the M'Sport included one, if it would suffice. I would like my car to be a bit more comfy in comfort mode.. and a bit stiffer in sport mode...
Extended connectivity BT/USB + Voice recog $385
Voice recognition is disappointing for entering Navigation and stuff, only really handy for the phonebook, as it seems to work quite well. Extended bluetooth is handy for having more then 1 phone connected - eg yours and your gf/wife etc Haven't used the USB music or the iphone connection for music yet.
Digital Radio $385 - I listen to a lot of radio but I'm afraid the future M Sport buyer won't care much for radio? I listen to alot of SEN down in Melbourne, its amazing for AM.... ... for FM vs Digital there isn't so much difference, and if you're like me that hasn't got an iPod full of music, but like listening to a variety, the digital stations are pretty cool. There's a station just of 80's music, one just of 90's... etc oh and you can even listen to the Chemist Warehouse station... feels like you're shopping for prescription medicines when you put this station on.....
M Sport Brakes $1077
Not sure, can't comment.

Either way, whatever you choose.. you could always choose more... but then the sky's the limit with BMW and their options... draw the line somewhere...
If you were going to force me to choose some options for you, I'd go for Adaptive Suspension, Prof Nav, Digital Radio, and Extended Connectivity.