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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
You guys are freaking me out.
I'm considering the M Perf Suspension as an alternative...the base model has a real floaty suspension...
If you just want a minimal drop, then go with the M Perf. But I think by the time they're available, there will be aftermarket spring/strut combos available.

The H&Rs are NOT bad springs at all. It's just the combination of the H&Rs and stock struts that ruin the balance of everything. The stock struts just aren't calibrated for the stiffness and height of the H&Rs so it just bounces around on every bump and groove in the road. When a good set of matching struts become available, that combo would be the way to go.

Again, on the 328i, the springs will feel much nicer than on a 335i. If you look at all the pics of F30s (in the USA) lowered on H&Rs, the 328s are way higher than the 335s due to the smaller/lighter engine. This will allow more shock travel so that the strut can actually do it's job.... well, at least part of it since there is still a compromise. With the H&Rs on a 335i, you barely get any shock travel room. So it inherently becomes "bouncy" and you bottom out a lot faster.

The bounce wasn't too bad for me at first. It's definitely bearable. But it eventually got to me like Chinese Water Torture. Eventually, the repetitive consistent bounce drove me crazy. It came to a head when I was driving on the freeway in the fast lane one night. I could see my xenon headlight cut-off very clearly on the concrete median. It was comical and embarrassing how bouncy the car was. It literally looked like all the honda owners in the 90s that just cut their springs (I know because I was one of those).