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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
Well I is not a batty innit.
True, a few other things do spring to mind

Have you sold you Mazda yet btw?

Originally Posted by Deyvy View Post
I considered getting the 335i. My purchase is for personal use, so was weighing it up, albeit briefly.

But it's true you look at the figures on paper and performance wise there's hardly anything in it.

I was advised only to get the diesel if you do the miles or if the diesel is cheaper to buy than the petrol.

After joining this forum, people saying the pickup/torque on the 30d day to day is a lot more noticeable/effortless. My mind was made up.

I plan to do a few road trips when I get my 330d. I think if I had the petrol, it would 'grate' on me too having to plan ahead for fuel stops.

Watching the fuel gauge waving goodbye to a full tank of petrol
I think thats the misconception - the 35is are getting are getting fuel consumption, but will never get anywhere near the same as a 30d.

You have made a great choice and i love the 30d. The only niggles i had were lack of revs, diesel tingle, and the noise when cold. But the huge torque and mpg made up for that.

I think in a way the 330d is an great GT. Bu then as the 35i is getting 40 mpg on a crusie...that too can GT very well.
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