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Hi ScreenShot..

I started with a priority list and went down the list, I'm sure you would have thought of something similar already. I love all the colours on the M sport and for me I've always favoured dark colours more. Top 2 Favs for me would be EB White and BS

I'll rate the options you got liste there based on what I've experied

Heads Up Display (5/5) - I'll nvr go with a car without one. With the Melbourne speed zones changes every 1km, i helps alot that I dont need to re-focus my eyes to the speedometer.

Comfort Access pack (2/5) - Tested it.. nvr bothered me. I kinda liked the fact that I need to whip out my key to open the car. Weird

Upgrade to Prof Nav (5/5) - Must have if you use Nav much. I take a lot of drives to new places so Nav on a big screen is awesome.

Adaptive M Suspension (3/5) - I rated this 3 outa 5 as I tested the normal suspension and found it too soft for my liking so I went M sport suspension. It drives great abit harsh when you get on the tram tracks tho.

Extended connectivity BT/USB + Voice recog (3/5) - Kinda handy if you've got an iPhone.. the Y cable is kinda annoying to remove and plug in.

Digital Radio - No comments nvr listen to radio

M Sport Brakes - If you want sports brakes I'd say go for the M Performance ones.