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More detailed comments - Love it. Thanks guys.

@Spikey Hey I hardly use my sunroof either, in that I don't really bother to slide it and open it as it creates all sorts of noise pollution into the cabin and nowadays with all the pollen, it stays SHUT. However, one thing the sunroof does very well and passively is let in all that good sunlight/streetlight so the cabin always feels bright and airy regardless of the weather. I know it's expensive but hey I'll hang onto this one. Thanks for voting too btw.

@ij05 So you optioned Extended Instrument Cluster? I never quite understood what it offered, could you care to elaborate? It costs like $269 so isn't exactly cheap! Picture would great if you have one. You mentioned that the Pro Nav gives you instrument cluster... do you mean it puts info on the extended instr cluster or do you mean the Pro Nav option INCLUDES the extended instr cluster? I might pick up the DAB afterall, I haven't listened to music on my iphone for a year. Thanks for voting!

@Dabaitu The Lines offer better colour choices and is clearly cheaper but since I'm going from a Coupe to a Sedan, I like to maintain some semblance of sportiness and I plan on living that through the MSport kit :P Cheers for the link, I'm going to check out after finishing this response.

@J1n Appreciate the plug for the HUD, another reason to keep it on my shopping list. I don't use Nav much but I would appreciate the screen real estate. Given how Apple gadget spoilt I am, i think this feature would put a smile on my face.. still expensive though. M Brakes are def off the list!