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Originally Posted by RobUK View Post
At the price point I was looking at of around 30K before plundering BMW's expensive options list, the 320d and the 328i were within 1K of each other and that was what I was comparing.

However, BMW closed the gap between the 328i and the 330d by making the 8spd Sport Auto box standard spec on the diesel while it's a 1,660 option on the petrol car. The result is that reduces the difference on a strictly like for like basis to just 2,500 between the 328i/330d which I guess is why they are seen as comparable (cost-wise at least).
I agree with this.....the 330D is priced smack bang between 328i and 335i like for like (Auto box)

For me, if running costs were no object, you would immediately set your sights on 335i. As for most of us running costs are an issue, which puts the 335i out of the running. So the question is:

Do I spend a few grand less and buy a 328i? or spend a bit more up front and buy the more economical 330D? Well that was my thinking anyways, so would see them as a fair comparison.