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Originally Posted by MaestroAl View Post
The S4 is a higher spec car than the 335i and more expensive to boot. If you had a 335i xDrive with the M Sport package and some toys then maybe ... you're looking at BMW's S4

So the moral of the story is that "S-Line" is a trim level and Audi haven't created their range of "S" Cars in response to anything: they've been around for years
+1. This is correct more or less. People compare cars in price range. Audi is not into price wars (because they aren't mass producing cars like BMW). People are leasing cars and they're concerned with lease payments etc.

When one compares a 335i Sedan to an S4, they tend to forget that the S4 comes standard with AWD, comes standard with Real Leather, Standard with Sport Seats, and some other stuff. Although you're paying for it (with its higher priced tagged), if you spec out a 335i the same way, the price and HP similarity becomes more apparent.

To be honest this thread is kinda childish. To say one car is outright better or is lacking when comparisons have them pretty close. It just depends what features every buyer wants in the end. Everyone has different wants and taste, and we go through these comparisons to make our choices.

Its also not the first time they have been tested against each other.

To sum it up in recent years

Base Sedan Categories: A4, G25 Sedan, 328i, C250/300
Base Coupe Categories: A5, 328i, C250 ('12)
Extra HP Sedan Categories: S4, G37 Sedan, 335, C350
Extra HP Coupe Categories: S5, G37 Coupe, 335i, C350 Coupe ('12)
Beast Categories: RS5, M3 Coupe, C63 Coupe

Keep in mind to add AWD to any of the non Audi cars...its going to cost anywhere from $2 - 3k with any dealership. Audi markets themselves differently and just makes it standard and transfers the cost to you whether u want it or not.