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Originally Posted by dd1981 View Post
Wow, ok cool. I didnt know they actually had a good pump now. Ill be honest, this really really entices me to search later on for a 09-10 335i m sport. They're so moddable and make tons of power cheap. It would finally make a good daily with 400hp worth of fun.

The e9x is still such a great car. And I hope they come out with some tunes for out f30's soon, I need about another 50-60 hp on tap to be satisfied.
The burger tuning kit gets you that power.
Take a look at the actual dyno and note the power curve difference between stock and with the kit.

The peak numbers don't tell the whole story of the actual power that kit provides, the story is the power curve, which gives some very nice usable power increases.
Some of our members have installed it and have VERY pleasantly surprised and happy with the results, and it doesn't cost that much at all.
It's not as slick as an ECU program, as there are wires and connectors, but it'll give you what you are looking for.
Install seems very easy as well. The only negative is that you have to remove the kit before you take it in for service. But, taking it off is as easy as putting it on, just a few connections.

Power kits from BT have been very reliable too.
I had the modest JB+ in my 135i and the power difference was very noticeable and real. It didn't affect day to day driving in any negative way.
It felt just as smooth as stock, and then when I wanted the power it was just a deeper throttle push away.
Hard launch in 1st, MT, was very strong and fast, but the shift to 2nd was awesome. It would pull hard and then pull even harder. The power was an eye opener, and as I said, that tune was modest.
This N55 stage 1 is even stronger.