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Originally Posted by shivaswrath View Post
So did BMW actually give us a delay notice?

I'm torn between waiting for a Dinan Stage 2 tune or PPK'ing it.

MPG are important to me, simply because my 335i is my commuter car, but USUALLY, tunes lean out the AF, so both tunes should realize better MPG when not flooring it.

Gains are obviously different - Dinan usually averages 100lbs tq, while PPK about 40-50 (underrated from BMW, of course). What strikes me as odd is that the PPK for the last gen N55 required a new radiator and other parts, but the Dinan S2 didn't require anything BMW over building and Dinan just skimming?
IIRC, the PPK for prior generation came in 2 variations. 1 was just the software, and the 2nd option included the cooling upgrades for better sustained performance. But overall power increase was the same, as it comes from the software. The added cooling bits help to keep temps down and reduce heatsoak so that the increased power could be held longer, especially for those that may do some track sessions.
But the cooling upgrade was not required to get the full power of the PPK.

Also, that PPK increased HP by 20hp for both MT and AT.
Torque went up 32lb ft for the AT and only 17lb for the MT, not 40-50lb ft.
And, I think that was at the crank rating, not at the wheels.
AT cars got a better torque upgrade, and MT's got less.