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LOL good to see that you got what you paid for

A few of my experiences :

- I was in Doncaster shopping center and was looking for a parking spot, this guy glanced at my car driving by , turned around again tugged his wife and started pointing.. He probably was saying "That was the one I was teling you about?" or "Can I get that car please?"

- I was doing my weekly car wash after the driving in the rain. With my headphones on an elderly lady in her 60's tapped me and the shoulder and said "Good job, your car looks great!" Wasn't sure what she meant... =.= I doubt she knew it was a F30

-Parked to get a cup of coffee in the city on Elizabeth street on a busy Saturday afternoon, had alot of ppl staring at the car, Definitely not at the good looking guy driving it .. Alot of attention till the Lamborghini drove past

WIth the car being BSM it only seem to attract those that know their cars. Such a shame