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Only thing I dont understand is when ppl are saying Audi "packages" their cars with awd. i dont see it as a package. This is standard to me and "option" is for you downgrade to a fwd. but you would be in a luxury car with fwd - a vw in an audi shell (much like a toyota camry in a lexus es shell).

So to me it doesnt make sense when someone says an audi costs more because it comes with awd vs a bmw because its only driven by the rears.

Audi awd vs bmw rwd is apples to apples to me.

That being said, audis are really nice cars. When shopping around i sat in an s4 loaded and damn it felt good inside and was tempted to get it. But at $64k?! Seriously. I was shocked.

I am over awd cars. No more of them for me.