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Originally Posted by Pandarakus View Post
I drive it around like that bro. Who cares about whether it's legal or not as long as your car looks good and you don't get stopped. I've been driving around like that for the past couple of months and it seems fine. Also, my friend has 3 cars, been driving her lancer, cayman and lambo gallardo for a long time without front plate, but place it on the dashboard instead like I do. She never got stopped . I don't know how things work out there in NY but in Los Angeles, dashboard plate seems fine.
In NY a dashboard plate is just a sign that says "Hey I have no front plate".

It's also insanely dangerous in a crash.

I went with an offset plate holder, it's giving me some issues with the PDC (sometimes the PDC sees it and screeches at you, sometimes it doesn't) I'll post some pictures when the mess around here subsides.
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