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Magazine reviews and steering feel

As I wait for delivery of my F30 I'm reading and watching everything I can get my hands on about the F30 335 and consistently I hear magazine reviewers complaining about the F30's lightened and disconnected electric steering - lamenting the feel they had in the E90 and more-so in the E46. I've been driving a 2001 E46 330i for the last 11 years now so all these reviews mentioning the same thing is a little disheartening.

For fun, I went out and looked at reviews of the "brand new" 2001 E46 330i from 11 years ago - guess what the same magazine reviewers said about the E46 when it was released

"Lows: Softening up the steering for "tough" parking jobs diminishes the breed."

"The base E46's increased flab, its softer ride and steering, and the general inching of the car toward the side of cushiness are reprimands this publication has printed in the recent past."

"... E46s built after June will have more steering boost to make parking easier. Judge for yourself the implications; we nearly choked on our Wiener schnitzel"

"The only disappointment is the steering, which, although as accurate as ever, has been lightened to satisfy parking-lot jockeys. Which is just wrong. "

Along with general lamentation about the lost perfection that was the steering in the E36 and E30

So I guess I'll take magazine reviews for what they are and take heart that in the next decade when they're reviewing the 2022 3 series, they'll harken back to the good old days when the F30 had "perfect" steering before BMW had to mess it all up.