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Thanks for the comments everyone, this definitely polarises opinion!
The beige and black headlining doesn't look as bad as I thought from what I can see. Kinda blends into the dash.

I've got beige in my e60, done 150k, got a 3yo and it still looks good IMO. So don't have the concerns that some have posted.

You are absolutely right you have the ultimate combination there IMO. Further proof that when BMW get something bang on they make sure they charge for it!

Anyway, ordered today - 320d M sport EBII on beige.
I had planned on going to town on this car, originally a 330d as well, but due to the fact I am going to rack a few miles on this and a real miss of getting my hands dirty with my last car have gone fairly basic on this and plan to get myself a toy. (Anyone know of a good E31 for sale? I need a v8 to compensate now!)

Got a cancelled slot so am looking at about 4 wk delivery.