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Originally Posted by Sprocket View Post

So two related questions. My father has a f30 328 with adaptive headlights and high beam assistant. Today while talking cars (I'm waiting for mine), he mentioned that during a dark and rainy drive last night he found what he believes is a fault, or actually two of them. I would be thankful if anyone would confirm that these are indeed problems:

- When in adaptive headlight mode, the headlight washers would not come on at all.

- To get the washers to function, he has to switch to non-auto full headlight mode. However, in that mode the full beam assistant won't work.

So, he has to chose between head beam assistant and working washers. Surely this can't be right?

Thanks in advance!
I don't understand how this could be an imposition. If the washers do not work with the high-beams on, it is because the light will reflect off the spray from the nozzles, blinding your field of vision. Just the same, you shouldn't have your high beams on in foggy weather because of the glare.

The auto headlight feature turns off when you must use the washers. You do not need to wash your headlights every three seconds unless you're driving through mud deep enough to require a heavy-duty off-road vehicle.