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comfort factor? not hard enough i am on the standard suspension and its still very smooth. Keep in mind, if you do think its starting to feel bumpy, by just changing out of the rft's, the ride becomes a lot more smooth.

Just as a reference from my previous tyres:
Bridgestone RE050a RFT: 36 all round
Bridgestone RE040: 38 front 40 rear
Pirelli p-zero nero: 40 front 42 rear
Kumho Ku31: 38 front 40 rear
Toyo R888 (semi): 28 front 30 rear
goodyear Eagle F1 (non asymmetric version): 40 front 42 rear
toyo T1R: 36 front 38 rear

these are what i use to run in the different tyres i had. They are my personal preferences only to show you that there is no one tyre pressure. If you are not looking at fiddling around, garages normally pump to tyres to 36 and call it a day. Most of the time i do the same when people ask me to check their pressures