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I am currently driving an E46 and my F30 is on order. The steering in the E46 is fantastic for about 20% of my driving: when I'm cruising around the twisty back roads. For in town and parking it's a little bothersome but a downright pain if I've got a coffee in my hand.

So I'm welcoming a little lighter of a feel. There is a lot of difference between the sporty feel of the E46 and a boat feel like the Camry and I think the F30 will fill that gap nicely, leaning a little bit more to the sporty side. What's more important is whether or not you can feel the [important] bumps in the road and can feel how the tyres are gripping.

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As I wait for delivery of my F30 I'm reading and watching everything I can get my hands on about the F30 335 and consistently I hear magazine reviewers complaining about the F30's lightened and disconnected electric steering - lamenting the feel they had in the E90 and more-so in the E46. I've been driving a 2001 E46 330i for the last 11 years now so all these reviews mentioning the same thing is a little disheartening.