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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Polls are to be taken with a big grain of salt...

I have never been polled or surveyed on who I may vote for. I casted my early vote Saturday, so right there we have at least two people (my girlfriend and I are in the same boat) that were obviously not included in the "polling numbers" but casted votes already.

I'm sure there are a lot of others in the same situation.
yes but polling doesn't mean you ask everyone
it means you ask enough people, that you have small snapshot of the population

my only remark is if polls were so incorrect, if we take the University of Colorado - Boulder prediction, why would news channels/newspapers spend millions doing them?
they are not 100% correct, but they are close to reality. especiallly if you average many polls.
a few mistakes here and there will be corrected by a a large enough sample, which you get when you average 5 or 6 polls for example

just like if i had asked you and your wife, i would have predicted a romney victory
but if i had asked you, your GF, and 20 other people, i might be closer to reality