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Originally Posted by Zirenz2006 View Post
This is my first time buying a set of winter tires.

I have a couple of questions.

1) Am I crazy to just use the 18" factory wheels and buy 18" winter tires or should I just buy a set of rims for the winter tires?

2) If I bought a set of rims would you recommend a smaller size like 16 or 17"?
I just don't want to spend a ton of $$ for a winter set-up.

I saw that tire rack had some 17" wheels that would fit my car for about $108per wheels. Should I be leary of such cheap wheels?

Depends... I posted a photo of the setup I will use in this thread... details are all there.

You live in RI? The Tirerack warehouse is in Windsor, CT. So you can save yourself $100 shipping (for tires AND wheels), by taking a ride (in something other than your 3-series ), and just picking them up. That setup was $1700 out the door (picked up myself), and after a $50 Pirelli rebate. (wheels were about $144 ea). But they look good, and the tires will give excellent performance not only on wet or snowy roads, but in dry conditions too which is important because as you know, here in New England the roads are pretty clear again a day or two after the storm. That number includes the TPM which, if you don't care about the light being on all the time, will save you another $200. But they are ready to go, so no labor cost to have someone mount and balance tires 2x per year.