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Originally Posted by matt@stratford View Post

I need to order my company car in the next 2 weeks and I'm having trouble with the options.

I am fairly limited to what I can get but as a base car I can get a 320 M sport with about 600-700 worth of options.

My current car is a e91 330d Msport with a few extras.

Now my question is do I stick with white or blow most of my budget on Mineral Grey? or have a few comforts like heated seats and the like.

Also, I quite fancy beige as a change but not sure with a white car


Hi Matt,

I'm a little late into this discussion. Personally, as a lot of the others say, options are very much a personal preference and I went a bit bonkers for them. Forgive my ignorance, but seeing as yours is a company car, is resale value important to you as it might be to a private buyer or does your car just go back after three years?