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I had an e36 M3, now I am on my second e90, IMO the brand has gotten a bit soft, but I have learned to love my e90. I will probably get the F30 in the spring, but going straight from an e46 the F30 will feel like a boat.

Seems like you are a driver, and you love to feel the road and the dynamics of the road/car, some of the hesitation you have is completely legit, the experience you have will be different in the new car. "Not all bad" when I drive our new X5 it puts a smile on my face, very smooth, great feel, very fun, but I need a planted car with a manual as my DD.

I think if I were you, and I knew that the e46 was going to last and not need major repair work, I would keep it, and wait to see what else BMW has to offer.

I am really hoping this M2 is going to happen, I would buy one yesterday if that were the case.....have you seen the renders?

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