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Originally Posted by Wajhik View Post
Greetings from a BMW dealer...I am in sales and I just ordered my M 335 with PPK and Exhaust...Don't have a production number since we are waiting for a German car (SA cars take an extra 3-4 weeks to hit the shores).

The Power Kit is available, MSRP 1370. I have it ordered, but am tempted to stray away from it. Sounds a little too cosmetic, thats alot of money for something that is being debated weather it will be felt or not. One of the guys here has an E9x 335xi sedan peformance package and says its very noticible, not sure though.
If $1,370 MSRP is the price for the port installed accessory program, I'd guess that the invoice price is closer to $1000 (maybe less?) -- since most people here are negotiating their orders at invoice + $xxx, the price isn't TOO bad.

Curious what kind of deal can be had for someone adding it after delivery, with labor. Just looking at the cost for the release codes for the software only E90 PPK on Tischer's website, the MSRP is $1195 and they are selling for $695. The F30 kit includes SOME hardware, but nothing significant, so it probably won't be too bad. Can't imagine it would be much more than an hour in labor to install.

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