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Originally Posted by jsedlak View Post
I am currently driving an E46 and my F30 is on order. The steering in the E46 is fantastic for about 20% of my driving: when I'm cruising around the twisty back roads. For in town and parking it's a little bothersome but a downright pain if I've got a coffee in my hand.

So I'm welcoming a little lighter of a feel. There is a lot of difference between the sporty feel of the E46 and a boat feel like the Camry and I think the F30 will fill that gap nicely, leaning a little bit more to the sporty side. What's more important is whether or not you can feel the [important] bumps in the road and can feel how the tyres are gripping.
Interesting comment. Not to give you a hard time but is one handed steering ever a good thing and should BMW and others design cars to make it easy to steer when you are driving and drinking coffee at the same time? BMW driver's in Germany would think us American's are a bit nuts. Then again, light steering doesn't have to mean lack of feel.

We've been discussing the EPS since the beginning of the year and what I've found in reading all of the comments is that steering feel is as subjective as can be. One person will say the F30 steering is as good as in an E90 and another will comment it's lifeless. We should all visit our local dealers, take a drive before buying and make our own decisions.