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Originally Posted by bimmerdiesel View Post
MT in high powered diesel (3L 6 Cyl) will not make much sense because there is lot of power in small band also it will cost a bomb to keep clutch healthy. So 320d/325d MT will be fun and market will embrace them.
But for 335d-MT combo I dont think even 3 pedal enthusiast will like it.
Just my thoughts based on my current ride and 11 yrs(off 14yrs total) of MT driving
Yeah, I was talking about 2.0 liter diesel, not 3.0 M57. Unfortunately, we will never know it, but I would like to know how does 425 lbft feel when releasing the clutch on a 335d . 385lbft 330d was available with manual, but I never got a chance to drive it when I was over there.

The problem is that they announced (quite a few months ago) importing of both 2.0 and 3.0 liter diesels here, BOTH to come with automatic transmission standard. Again, this doesn't exactly mean that MT will not be available at least on 2.0 liter diesel, but I wouldn't hold my breath.