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Originally Posted by ybbiz34 View Post
In the last couple of days, I've noticed that when I try to open the front door on the driver's side of the car to get in, the comfort access fails to work. If I proceed to unlock the door with the fob, I'm all of a sudden able to lock and unlock the door by way of CA again.

No problems with locking the car using CA. No problems using the hands-free trunk opening feature.

I'm anticipating the number one response to be "Take it to the dealer" but I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing similar issues before having to take my car back AGAIN right after having my rear rotors replaced.

Basically, I can easily live without CA, and at least I wouldn't feel like an idiot standing there putting my hand in/on the door handle over and over.
The freaking fob is so f-ing huge I would just start using it regularly, but it's too damn bulky to put in a pocket comfortably.
If there were an option to have a regular sized fob and NO CA I'd rather have that.

The trunk release works fine, as long as I remember that I need to have the fob somewhere on or around me.

I've had issues with CA from day one. If it's the battery, then it was a bad battery from day one.

"COMFORT" access. NO, it's not so comforting.