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It appears there will be quite a bit of holiday excitement here. It always eases the pain of the wait to talk to others waiting also. I have been to busy to call the dealership this week to inquire about a couple of things relating to the $1000 holiday credit. Tommorrow I will contact my CA to clarify as to if we are locked into both the holiday and loyalty credit even if the car does not arrive until after January 2nd. It is my impression that we are but I am not positive. However, even if you can't lock into the credit I am pretty sure that if you are willing to go ahead and finalize the purchase of the car before the incentive date ends and sign all the papers you still get it. The only disadvantage is the inservice date starts that day but if you are only talking about a few days it would be worth $1750. I know several years ago my dealership called me a few weeks before my car was to arrive and offered me $500 additional discount if I would go ahead and purchase the car. He was trying to reach a sales goal. He said as long as they had the vin #, they could go ahead and finalize the deal and that BMW would still be responsible for any damages until delivery. Of course I would have to get this in writing. I will let you know what I find out