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Let me first say that , thoug I gathered a lot information about tyres and tyre-pressure , I am not a tyre-specialist. I got interested in it when I had a camper, as we call it in Holland, RV is the name in America and probably also downunder,

So the RSC in the tires of J1n , I dont know what they mean.
J1n try to find on the sidewalls the term reinforced/Extraload/XL, if so it is such a tyre with referencepressure(Pr) of 41 psi, otherwise its a normal car tire with Pr of 35 psi. this is needed for the calculation, so I dont calculate to low.
The 120km/h a somewhat strange speed to give.
Reference-speed for most tires is 160 km/99m/h but for Y speedrated tires it is 220km/h, but mayby this relatively low speed is used to compensate the to high calculated maximum load by the tyre-maker.

Then I want to know what pressure and loadkinds are used in Australia.
I think Kg and psi and km/h and degrees fahrenheit, so correct me when I am wrong.

Also I need your GAWR's , In Europe they are on the VIN-plate , a metalish plate mostly in one of the doorstiles or under the motor-hood.
In America they are on the same plate as the advice-pressures.
I dont know where they are downunder, mayby downunder somewhere