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I have a 330D SE on test this week - non-sport seats but with leather and heated. After not immediately spotting the heated seat controllers and driving 40 miles with the heating off, and then feeling the difference with the heat on, I would not choose leather seats without heating too

Re the stereo, this is the standard one, and it was better than I had expected - though a bit screechy in the treble and bass notes (eg double bass) rather muddled/indistinct. If speccing from new HK would be a must for me, though I would not be too disappointed if I found a nearly new / stock car with just standard speakers

The xenons are very good - wouldn't want to be without them

Colour? Where I live (not quite the middle of nowhere but rural all the same) any car gets filthy very quickly, so probably would go for mineral grey, white being ridiculously impractical