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0-60 is the least interesting time. 20-40, 40-60, 40-100, 60-90, 50-70 ... these are all real times and the 330D would ... leave the 328i for dead ... at any of those measures in any gear As I said before, other than on full reheat at 5000rpm+, the 330D would beat the 335i at any of those measures BHP is all talk but torque is fo' real

The world has changed ... and for the better. Modern diesels are better in almost every way compared to their petrol counterparts Do they sounds as good? Certainly not when a petrol is on cam. Do they make the back of your neck tingle? Nope. Are they as quick on full afterburner? Rarely. But in every other way they're the superior engine And mine arrives at he dealer on Monday
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