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I really like the voice control, especially after the new laws that came in to effect in NSW last week relating to mobile phone use. The car does a really good job of interpreting what you say and it doesn't need to learn your voice like some other systems on the market. It takes a little getting used to all of the commands but realistically, if you simply read off an option on the screen, it should work.

My only complaints are that I have had a lot of trouble getting it to understand the street name "Station Street", when I say that it tends to switch my radio to preset 4. It's annoying because Station Street is a relatively common street name. Additionally it can be a little odd how the car chooses to read names back to you...

Two recent examples include Rosebery, which the car read back as ross-eh-berry, and Homebush, which the car interpreted as hom-E-bush. I guess that's what you get when germans try to interpret English words. Our cars are probably just as annoying to them :P
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